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Welcome to the only Sports Performance program in Northeast Indiana dedicated to improving the biomechanics of athletes. We take an in-depth look at the functional needs of all athletes with the ultimate goal of training each athlete to move in a more efficient manner. This is not only improves overall speed, power, and quickness, but decreases the likelihood of athletic injury.


Optimum Performance is dedicated to helping athletes improve performance while decreasing the risk of injury. Simply put, the athlete is taught to move in the most efficient manner possible using the correct muscular patterns, and then skill is built on that foundation.
Many programs today are based on building absolute strength, or trying to make athletes stronger. Too often, this style of training leads to large scale muscular imbalances, compromising efficient movement. This philosophy puts the athlete at a greater risk of injury while limiting performance.

Unless the athlete is physiologically capable of putting their body in the correct positions, maintaining the correct positions, making the right muscles contract at the right time, and able to relax antagonistic muscle groups at the right time, they will not improve. It does not matter how many drills they do, how much weight they can lift, or how strong they are, if movement is not correct, the athlete will FAIL.


The goal of Optimum Performance is clear: Take sports performance to a higher level through deeper understanding of human movement. In the arena of performance, we do this through a simple five step process:

  1. 1. Teach the body to move properly (SKILL).
  2. 2. Build the body’s ability to maintain proper athletic position (ENDURANCE).
  3. 3. Increase the body’s ability to produce force (STRENGTH).
  4. 4. Expand the body’s ability to produce force rapidly (POWER).
  5. 5. Integrate the above steps into advanced movement (SPORT).

Too often in training, athletes skip to steps #3 or #4 without any regard to previous steps. Training in this manner, without proper muscular recruitment and efficient movement, can place a premature ceiling on an athlete’s potential and the gains they could make.

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