Optimum Performance was started to provide the highest level of conservative care for individuals with joint and muscle pain. We separate ourselves by understanding human movement and by understanding how to identify subtle imbalances during movement.

It is our belief that most muscle and joint pain is caused by muscular imbalances or asymmetries within our body. Correcting these imbalances requires an indepth understanding of joint motion , muscle function, and the neurology which controls the musculo-skeletal system.Understanding this is what seperates us from other chiropractic and physical therapy clinics.

This belief has made Optimum Performance the office of choice for many of the coaches, trainers, and physicians in the Fort Wayne area.

Meet the Doctor:

Dr. Russell is the founder and director of Optimum Performance.  He received his B.S. in Kinesiology from Indiana University and his Doctorate degree from National University of Health Sciences. While in school, Dr. Russell received extra training in the field of biomechanics, gait analysis, gait therapy, and training with complicated movement disorders.  Dr. Russell has 10 years of experiencewith resistance and aerobic exercise adaptations, and with speed development.  Dr. Russell lectures regularly on the treatment and prevention of athletic injuries, and on speed development in athletes.  He currently consults for many of the high school track and cross country teams in Northeast Indiana.  His clinical interests are conservative musculoskeletal medicine with particular emphasis on running injuries, foot and hip pain, and overuse injuries.

Meet the Team

Kristin Arcosta

Jessica Kahn

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